Subject: Re: About train travel
Hi Suzan,

You ask why some of us like train travel. I travel by train between Toronto and Montreal whenever I travel alone because it is cheaper, especially if you book ahead and almost as fast. I include the time to get to the airport, the required waiting time there, baggage collection, etc. Also a train is quite comfortable with more legroom than in the regular class of a plane.

In Europe, the train is the absolutely best way to go in terms of speed. The fast trains in France (TGV) go 300 kph. Elsewhere in Europe there are similarly fast high speed trains.

We found that some people were willing to chat, especially in the older trains with compartments or enroute to a touristy place. A car allows you to visit remote countryside but you are isolated from people and when you get to a city, you have to find a place to park the car.

Don't let your train experience sour you on train travel!

Frances Toronto, Canada