Subject: Re: Tipping in Eastern Europe
Hello Gene, In restaurants it is standard to round the bill up to the next even figure as you're paying. Do not leave the tip on the table. Give it directly to the server. Ten percent is sufficient. Some restaurants may have service included but good luck in deciphering the menu.

As for porters I honestly don't recall ever having one's services. But that is more a commentary on our travel style and type of accomodations. I'd give some sort of remuneration; buck a bag or so.

We generally leave the equivalent of two dollars a night for the maids. But it has been pointed out by others on this forum that the hotel staff can be a very useful ally. If special demands are made a bit more would be in order.

Also, don't forget to carry change for restrooms. Invariably there will be an attendant and a fee is usually charged.

John who was last in Budapest, Prague, and Ljubljana in 1997