Subject: Re:About train travel
Hello, I would definitely recommend travelling by Amtrak to anyone ! We had a wonderful 10 week holiday in the US last year when most of our travelling was done by train ,bus and hire car.We had a 30 day Rail Pass and travelled from Boston to Richmond & Williamsburg,Richmond to Washington,Washington to Chicago and on to Omaha ,Omaha to San Francisco ,SF to Los Angeles and Solana Beach and finally from there to Phoenix.Our only hitch in all those journeys was being dropped off at Maricopa (instead of Tucson) where there was nothing -no taxis or buses -just a very kind lady who was going back into Phoenix and offered up a lift!!However the rest of service was great ,people so friendly and helpful and the scenery superb . We especially enjoyed the meal times on the train ,sitting with complete strangers and having such interesting conversations.Now we are hoping to do the same again in the areas that we missed.Hopefully Amtrak will still be there when we have saved up enough money! Jan Dollar Bo'ness Scotland