Subject: Introduction - New Member in Seattle
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Bill!

Hello. My name is Bill Skelly and I live with my wife Marilyn in Seattle, Washington.

I have recently retired and now am very active as president of the National Association of Investors Corp., a non-profit educational organization.  I also play adult soccer and my wife and I like to cross country ski and bike in good weather.  We enjoy traveling, but have not done too much because of other family commitments.  However, our future plans include more travel both domestic and foreign.

Our last domestic trip was a short vacation to the Washington wine country, in the fall of this year.  The previous year we spent a couple of weeks in San Miguel, Mexico. 

A few years ago, while are son was studying in Bulgaria we spent a month with him visiting the country with a side trip to Turkey.  The following year we again went to meet with our son and his wife, meeting them in Prague, where we spent a most enjoyable week, we then went by train to Poland and visited with our daughter-in-laws parents.  While in Poland we visited most of the major cities, and some of the small towns.

Our usual preferences for traveling is to locate in one place usually in a bed and breakfast, then spend the time exploring the local area, and meeting the local people. 

Our near term plans for travel or go either to Paris and London or to Mexico. 

I look forward to joining the list and learning from others of their travel experiences.

Thank you Bill Skelly Seattle, Washington