Subject: Introduction - New Member from Canada
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Colin!

Hello My name is Colin Jewell. I am a retired member of the Canadian Armed Forces.

During my career, I enjoyed traveling to a lot of areas in the Eastern Hemisphere, example Scandinavia, Europe, USA, Caribean, I also have been on Peacekeeping Missions in the Middle East.

One of my personsal favorites ( I hope I do not affend anyone ) was to the Holy Land. Personally I was emotionally touched to visit Jerusalem, Nazarth, Bethlahem, and Tiberious. Visiting the sites of Biblical happenings were very heart warming, in my opinion.

Another FABULOUS place to visit is KANDERSTEG SWITZERLAND. If any member is involved with SCOUTING, this is a place to take your Scouting Group for the best time ever - The World Scouting Center. The History of Scouting is revealed to all who visit. I could go on and on about many of the other places I have seen, and things I have done. STILL WOULD LOVE TO GO TO DISNEY LAND OR HAWII.

Colin Jewell