Subject: Thank you, Frances
Hello Frances and Ziners:

I checked out the URl but remain a bit confused.

I seemed to be getting a one way quote for day travel, Montreal-Toronto of $82 per person, economy fare. Does that sound correct to you? Or could that possibly be round trip?

If it's one way, it wouldn't be cheaper for US. I go to Toronto with my husband regularly and we go in our car. The gas certainly doesn't cost 4x $82.

So I think your point is that it's cheaper if one is travelling alone. Am I correct?

Also, thanks for mentioning the overnight train. It sure sounds delightful, if one takes the sleeper, etc.

At this point, though, for round trip to Toronto, I'm trying to find something that doesn't cost much more than driving. Because my husband always wants to do the driving thing, but then he complains he doesn't want to go, b/c it's so much driving. And since we go for pleasure and nothing essential, I'm trying to relieve him of the driving (I'm not a great driver on winter roads, so don't share much), but I know he won't go for it if the price is much higher. Any ideas?

Thanks again, Suzan