Subject: Introduction - New member in Portland, Maine
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Dwight!

Dear Fellow Travellers,

Having been born and raised overseas, I am an extremely well-traveled person. I was born in India and lived overseas (in India, Pakistan, and Turkey) until the age of 17. I've visited over 20 countries and speak 3 foreign languages (French, Turkish, and Hindi). I'm an avid traveler with an abiding interest in international affairs (I have my master's degree in that field) and in many ways don't consider myself an American.

I am interested in joining your list to be part of a community of travelers. I expect to start traveling more actively soon and want to learn more about destinations I've never visited, such as Costa Rica. I can contribute extensive knowledge about the places I've lived and visted, such as India.

Thanks, Dwight Sholes Portland, Maine