Subject: Introduction from new member in Austin
Modīs note - Welcome, Cathia ! And there are some Spain lovers among the Ziners ...

Dear Don and Linda/or Moderator:

Thank you for the beautiful site. I knew we were in sinc when I frist read your notes on Paris and discovered you are unabashed chocoholics. I had already stayed several times one block from your Beaumarchais de Caron (sp) and had made Columbus Cafe my morning ritual too--but I didn't know it had an upstairs for customers, so thank you. However, I had been going to Tout Beurre for my breakfast rolls--half a block on up the street from Columbus. I had even stayed in Bern at your Hotel Baren - so I'm convinced you know how to travel and do it the way I can appreciate.

I used your notes on Switzerland last May for my visit there. Now I'm heading back to Paris in April and have sort of decided on Spain as my country to lightly to explore. Ouch - you have no notes of travel there. I just read and printed out your Portugal experience-- should I go there instead?

I fortunately travel frequently with my boyfriend to Europe and I am our tour director. WIsh I had found you earlier. I'm a barely still petite chocoholic perhaps a tad younger than you as I have not retired. I live in Austin Texas and am self employed with a home office. I have a passion for swing dancing and have discovered that these Swingers-LindyHoppers are connected world-wide. I am able to take off almost as desired for vacations although they are not paid-time vacations--the downside of self-employment. But its worth a lower income to get to travel. I pack so lightly , yet still manage to dress appropriately, that I might be able to teach you something. I only take a 17 roller and an over the shoulder cosmetic bag everytime I board a plane. When traveling I walk and eat until I drop and I can't stand the thought of missing a beautiful sight and the sad truth that I can't do or see it all! I speak decent Spanish and strictly tourist French--even that bit of French helps.

I look forward to entry into the message boards - have you gone to Spain and just not told us???? Best wishes to you and thank you for so masterfully sharing your love of chocolate, food and Europe.

Cathia Gantz Austin, Texas