Subject: Re: Independent Travel in Costa Rica
I was in Costa Rica going on 12 years ago. There were some wonderful memories that remain with me of that trip. One of the highlights of my trip was going to the Monteverde Cloud Forest. We hired guides to drive us up a dangerous mountain road for 4 1/2 hours so we could get there and stayed in a cabin on the edge of the lush forest. All these years later, memories of that cloud forest still seem magical. There are lots of tour operators in San Juan that can make arrangements for you to go there. You need to make reservations in advance. Or any tour operator in Canada that specializes in that part of the world can help you also. I also remember going to a park which I think was called San Antonio National Park; there are five beaches there and they are wonderful.

One word of caution to anyone going from Canada: Don't spend any more than 2-3 hours per day at the beach MAXIMUM. The sun's rays don't feel that hot, but believe me you can get a wicked, wicked burn. Take a hat and plenty of sunscreen. And take sandals or shoes with you to the beach. The sun makes the sand too hot to walk on by mid day. And one last thing: when you are leaving the beach, empty your shoes of sand and check for scorpions! Enjoy!

Adrienne Calgary, AB