Subject: Alaska: Cheaper to Cruise?
Hi Ziners,

After doing much research I have discovered that it will cost the same to take ferries as it would to actually cruise on a big ship with a outside balcony stateroom! As much as I want to travel independently, I also need to consider costs. I am blown away at the high cost of ferry travel: It costs almost $500 per person, each way for passengers PLUS between 400-500 each way for a cabin ( from USA) and that is just for travel from the states to Juneau! Then there are the various legs of the journey once up there, all reasonable costing but still adding up to the same amount as a fancy cruise! Plus we would take a small ship cruise into Glacier Bay, which would increase the cost even more. Sigh!

Does anybody have any ideas about Cruising Alaska? Favorite ships?

Does anybody know where I can find bargain Cruises?

Hope everybody is having a nice New Year,

Amelia in Los Angeles