Subject: Re: Alaska: Cheaper to Cruise?
Hi Amelia.

Your cost of almost $500 seems high for one way. I checked the fares and I get $266 from Bellingham to Juneau. The 4-berth cabin is $344-437. Cabins are smallish compared to cruise ships.

You may have even a different option, as in '99 we (10 of us) traveled to Sitka through Juneau, Haines, Skagway, Haines again for equivalent of the $245 they are showing currently. I tried to convince them that it didn't make sense, but that was the cost, less than all the way to Skagway (but you actually docked at Skagway). Maybe they have fixed it and it was an extra day any way, plus you have to want to go to Sitka (really worth it though).

However, once you get to Juneau, you can take a hover craft to Glacier bay and then take a tour there. The hover craft will return after the tour.

You do need to book early. At midnight, 12/31, I made part of our reservations. Then about 2 weeks later, I tried to add my brother-in-law's family. No cabins available. We went on a waiting list and finally got one before we sailed.

Wil Orlando, FL