Subject: English countryside in a week to 10 days
Hi All! On the heels of a truncated trip to the Lakes last July, I'm hoping for a slightly more leisurely visit to the English countryside later this year. My gateway could be London or Manchester, depending upon the proximity to the planned itinerary. (Neither of these cities will be on this list.) My question is how best to use this time. I've spent time in the Lakes and would pass on that area this time around. I've considered York, but could easily be convinced to stick with smaller villages along the way. Understanding that at best UK weather is passable, my preference is to visit places that have special beauty, charm, interest, fascination, etc., indifferent to the rate of precipitation. Gardens, museums, shops, neighborhoods, walking (US version) etc. are fine. In all cases, I would prefer the opportunity to stay at especially nice B& Bs with the possibility of having pleasant meals as well. My interest is to select a few memorable stops, rather than a redo of If it's Tuesday, it must be Belgium. Many thanks for all suggestions.

Regards, Russell from soon-to-be-snowing Connecticut