Subject: Re: English countryside in a week to 10 days
York is a wonderful city. There is so much for a tourist to do. July is a great month there...I've been there four times and don't ever recall it raining when I was there in July. There are museums...Viking to more modern English, Betty's Tea Shop, the wall for great walks, the Minister, The Treasurer's House. I hate driving in GB so last time took the bus to several villages/towns for part of the day and to see the countryside. We've rented flats/houses the last two times there so we would have the feel of a neighborhood and loved it. Both places were within four or five blocks of downtown or old York which is great. If you do any kind of genealogy York is a great city with the Borthwick Institute and then Beverly, the small city, just a few miles away with archives and materials back to William the Conqueror.

It is easy to get to York from London, just get on the train and enjoy the ride through the countryside. Oh, York has several Internet cafes so you can read your Travelzine news each day and not miss a moment.

If you did Amberside while in the Lake District, will you email me about it. Our next trip will include a week there in a condo. Thanks Beth Sloan