Subject: Re: English countryside in a week to 10 days
Hi Beth,

I visited Ambleside last July. Spent a few hours there in the middle of a full day walk through the area. A bit touristy and unfortunately it was rather dreary while we are there. I did stop in a tea shop though and managed to pack in some sweets and a refreshing cuppa. Ambleside is a well-located base in easy distance on the Lake District villages.

I had hoped to visit York on the same trip, but had to cut it short, so York is still awaited. Even had tickets to hear the Chapter House Choir performing at the Minster, but ended up giving them away due to early departure. Oh well.

Driving was no problem. Can't figure out why. I was quite apprehensive before starting out, but got comfortable quickly. The only problem was the narrow roads with stone walls instead of shoulders. Tight squeezes were common, but not exactly a big deal.

Having recently visited with friends who spent four years living in London and traveling throughout the UK, I've heard their view of the more worthwhile stops and their arguments for visiting the continent rather than staying on the west side of the channel. In the interest of making some effort to keep an open mind, I thought it best to see first hand and draw my own opinion. Hence my post.

Many thanks.