Subject: Re: English countryside in a week to 10 days
Hi Baerbel,

Many thanks for your ideas. While walking in the Lakes last July, I had met several people from Wales as well as others who strongly suggested Wales for my next visit. I am equally smitten with great cathedrals (or churches), having visited Chartres, the Weiskirche, Jumieges, as well as many of the better known places. I have enjoyed visiting cities, but many of the most satisfying experiences have been in small villages through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. I was hoping to find more of the same in the UK. In view of the possibilities, I suspect that I will have to select a region and then construct my itinerary accordingly. So my first challenge is to zero in on the appropriate region. If I had my druthers, I'd prefer better weather, though I wonder if that's an option in the UK.

I appreciate your help.

Thanks, Russell