Subject: Introduction - New Member in Western Australia
Moderator's Note - Welcome, Sue!

Hi, and thanks for the welcome,

I'm Sue and I live in Western Australia. I travel locally, interstate and overseas though most of my recent travel has been overseas.

I generally travel using local facilities and transport, tho' I prefer 'gentle travel' to hiking the wilderness or climbing Mt Everest. I've visited Thailand on three occasions, using a local coach to take me to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and the local train (NOT the Orient Express) to travel from Bangkok to Singapore. I choose budget accommodation while still having a healthy concern for my safety and well being.

Last year, I was lucky enough to combine my interests of genealogy and travel, to visit cousins in America and England. I took advantage of an Amtrak rail pass and youth hostels to stay within my allocated budget, briefly visited 6 states in America, 2 counties in England, took a 7 day coach tour of Ireland and visited the 'real' Santa in Lapland.

I intend to return to England next year for more family history research and my priorities are to spend a week in the Welsh region where dad was born and another week in Somerset where mum's family came from. I'll also meet up with a fellow travel writer - she's based in Texas and we met via an online writing group - in the north of England. And after that who knows? Depends what's on offer at the time!

Dream travel is to take the train across the Canadian Rockies in winter, spend at least a week at Angkor Wat, Cambodia, another month to see the best of China, at least three months to see Europe, take the Christmas tour on the trans-Russia railway - and that's only for starters.


Sue - in Western Australia where it's already tomorrow. Young at heart, slightly older in other places!