Subject: Re: Flying while pregnant?
Hi Jude,

I agree with Tom completely - it depends on the condition of the mother-to-be. If the trip is important enough and she is well there should be no objection. I'm a trained midwife - flew myself at seven months, Brisbane to Fiji for our last holiday with just the 2 of us!! Had no problems at all.

Know another lady who, with first baby only 2 weeks away HAD to fly from Auckland to Sydney. She was very well - but in that case, because she was so close they had to travel with a midwife.

Generally speaking it's not an issue, but the doctor would have to OK it for your own peace of mind.

And while I'm at it - HAPPY NEW YEAR to all Ziners. And our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed advice for our fantastic trip which we took to UK and US via the QE2 in October/November. Have been working 2+ jobs since we returned so emailing has been on the bottom of the list. Had hoped that a break over the festive season would correct that, but .....

Cheers, Margot - Gold Coast.