Subject: Introduction - New member from Denmark
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Eric and Helle

Hi All. My name is Eric Bentzen, and my better half for almost 25 years is Helle. We live in Aalborg, which is a city in Northern Jutland, Denmark. We're both in our forties and both work at the local cement plant. I love to travel, be it for pleasure or work. I also play chess, and with the chess buddies I have visited Slovenia 4 times (1980, 84, 95 and 2002). The last time though we just said hello to our local chess friends and stayed (mostly) in Bled as spectators to the Chess Olympics. Besides Slovenia I have visited Scotland, Paris, Holland, Cyprus, Rome (Italy) and of course various places in Denmark. Helle and I are absolutely in love with Rome and are now taking a beginner's course in Italian. Our present travel plans include a trip to Madeira in February (a charter relaxation tour) and an extended trip to Rome and ??? in June. Work-wise I have visited other places like e.g. Dsseldorf in Germany, but usually trips like that leave little time for exploration. Helle and I definitely don't seek action holydays, but prefer to stroll at a leisurely pace and sip the local atmosphere. We're also food lovers and like to find the places where the locals go to eat - that's the best quality brand! A great way of meeting locals is to visit a/the chess club. I have put up a few travelouges with photos from some of our trips at The pages are in Danish, which will probably be gibberish to most of you, but you may enjoy some of the pictures. If anyone in the group should make plans of a visit to Denmark do drop me a line - there's much more to Denmark than just Tivoli and H.C. Andersen, and very likely I'll be able to help. Regards, Eric Bentzen Denmark