Subject: Re: Havana and Varadero
Hi everyone and a very happy New Year to all.

About a year ago, we started to think about the possibility of a trip to Cuba and got some wonderful help from Anne (from Burlington, Ont.) at that time.

We are finally booked to go this coming February and decided to split the time between Varadero and Havana.

I wonder if anyone has any personal experience with Havana. Because we booked a package, we had little choice of hotels. In Havana, we are at the Nacional which is very Historic in more ways than one. I read a couple of comments on another List that were not very complimentary and particularly that the Bathrooms were challenging - whatever that means. We are not concerned about luxury but we do hope for cleanliness so we'll see!

In Havana, we have breakfast only included, so any ideas of restaurants would be most welcome.

We have been told that the locals appreciate small gifts of toiletries etc. and we would be more than happy to take some with us but wonder,( other than for the maids in the hotel rooms)to whom one would give these gifts. Surely waiters and drivers and other hotel staff would accept tips in the normal way. Does anyone have any experience with this?

Look forward to the usual wonderful help from Ziners. Best Regards Judy. Abbotsford B.C. Canada