Subject: Re: Two weeks in Spain in June
Hi Michelle,

When we visited Spain a couple of years ago we arranged for our car rental prior to going over using Autoeurope. They brokered the rental out and I believe we ended up dealing with Avis. We picked the car up in Barcelona and dropped it off in Bilbao. I was quite pleased with the service. One warning though, if you get a manual-drive transmission make sure the agent shows you how to put it into reverse. I didn't and later that day I had what now is a hilarious incident occur while trying to leave the city.

As for consolidators, we used SkyAuction and managed to get a very good deal for our flights. Flew on Continental from San Diego to Madrid for about $700 total roundtrip for the both of us. I have noticed that they've increased fees on their auctions since then, so, if you elect to use them be very attentive to all charges in the description of the sales.

If you feel constrained by time you may want to fly between Barcelona and Madrid. There are a multitude of flights every day. Alternatively, you could take an overnight train.

Let's hope we can get some others on this discussion to get you full of information for your trip in June. You'll love Barcelona.