Subject: Sights in Rome
Dear Sheila,

We LOVE Rome. We have decided, after staying in different locations all over the historic center, that staying in the center (around Campo dei Fiori, Piazza Navona, or somewhere in that vicinity) provides us with a central location from which to walk. You should know that the subway does not serve this area. If you want to be on the subway line, you need to be by the Spanish Steps, Termini, or near the Santa Maria Maggiore area. However, you will still need to walk or take a bus to Piazza Navona, etc.

As for must see-must do things, we usually spend time shopping, take in a museum or two, head towards the Vatican 'just because', and enjoy many respites in cafes around town.

We have stayed on the east of Termini station and had no problems. It was farther to walk, but there is a metro station that gets you to places and it was a short walk to Piaza Repubblica to catch the busses to the heart of town.

Just my thought... Ciao, Kristy S.F.