Subject: Introduction - New member in Buffalo, NY
Moderator´s note - Bienvenue, Jean ! I think you will enjoy the group


I am a retired librarian, age 65, speak French, read it, write it, will NEVER be able to understand more than three spoken words together - and maybe not even three! sigh!!

I have been to England three times, Scotland once, France four times - travel out of the country mainly started after retirement. Earlier, Florida many times and Bermuda twice. Live across the border from Canada - before 9/11 much easier to make quick trips at any time

I stayed in an apartment in Paris last July 2002 - the dream of many years. My plan as time gets shorter - is to try to 'do' France once a year. Was surprised to see your description of Le Clement which is where I am thinking of staying next June before going to Normandy for a few days to visit an internet friend from A la francaise. We did meet in Paris last summer. Having telephoned many times over two years and sent gifts and snail mail cards, etc., there were no unpleasant surprises - just a delightful day with her and her husband.

I have met five people - including the above person - from the internet. Staying on well-chosen sites, it is possible to meet many nice people virtually and in reality.

Did I say too much? Désolée, if I did! :-)

Regards, Jean from Buffalo, NY