Subject: Organizing and Storing Digital Photos
Hello Zine Photographers!

I'm about to jump in to digital photography ... due in part to the fabulous advice and guidance received from ziners who have made the transition. Will you tell me about the organizing and storage systems you use for your digital images. Also, what software would you recommend? I have Microsoft Photo Editor and Canon Zoom Browser (which came with my camera). I'd like to start out right. My old 35 mm photos, organized chronologically in labelled albums made it possible for me to recently retrieve photos from each of 25 Christmas Eves ... and make a tear-stimulating (colour photocopied for each) scrapbook for my daughters, godsons and my best friend. Will I (or someone else) be able to do the same with digital images for the next 25 years? ... Optimistic n'est pas?

I am looking forward to using my new digital camera on my next travel adventure.

Lesley Toronto, Canada