Subject: Re: Potential luggage delays
Dear Lesley, the full screening is beginning now in Spain. A few airports have been selected (Bilbao among them) to begin with, and the implantation will be progressive. The government hopes to do it in all the airports before the summer comes.

I wasn´t thinking a carry-on for my Rome weekend ( GTG on the 8th of February !!! ), but I think that my bag will be a bit bigger than normal. I am also planning on arriving earlier to the airport (the sooner they get my bag screened, the better).

And talking about delays, yesterday was a horrendous day in Paris. Many flights were cancelled due to snow and ice, around 10.000 people have had to spend the night at the airport because there wasn´t place in the hotels, and more people have stayed trapped in their cars at the motorway, while the police and the Red Cross distributed food.

Kind regards, Covadonga Bilbao - Spain