Subject: Re: Potential luggage delays
Hi Ziners,

A number of years ago when John was employed by a local airline we enjoyed a trip to North America from Australia every second year. We were entitled to unbelievable concessions with ticketing, but there was a condition. We were sub-load, short for subject to loads. This simply meant we were on the waiting list for seats, but had to book and turn up for flights. We also travelled with 2 small children over a 10 yr period, the first flight being with our then 10mth old daughter to Canada. From Day One we ALWAYS carried toiletries, nightwear and a change of shirt and underwear in our carry-on baggage.

On several occasions we did get bumped off a flight and had to wait for another. One classic such occasion? Our girls were 10mths and almost 4 when we were leaving from LA Airport for Sydney. We had checked in our baggage, got to departure lounge, started to board and got as far as the bottom of the aircraft stairs (in those days) to be told that the last seat had filled! Our baggage was loaded ahead of us, and arrived in Sydney 5 days before us!!!! Fortunately we had been staying with friends so went back to them for the 5 days we had to wait till the next flight with available space.

Were we glad, with 2 small girls, that we had all those essentials carefully planned and packed in our carry-on!! WE CAN RECOMMEND IT, whatever the reason!

Cheers, Margot (and John) from Gold Coast, Australia.