Subject: Re: Day Trips in Italy
Dear Edna,

Re picking up a car - I would suggest picking the car up in Rome itself rather than at the airport which is quite a distant from the city. When booking the car ask for a pickup point at the part of the city closest to the direction you are traveling. That is if going south - ask for a pick up point in the south part of Rome and then just take a taxi there from your hotel - We have used autoeurope and they are great at giving excellent directions for leaving town. To have to get to the airport to pick up a car would be a pain (I think). We have also dropped of cars at the Milan airport and it is quite well marked. Our flights are usually early in the morning and we have had no problem even if the office was not open - we just left the car with the keys under the floor mats. Even with an afternoon flight (we have driven from Florence to Milan) getting to the airport was OK.


Carol Toronto