Subject: Puerto Vallarta
I second the recommendation about Café de Olla, one of our favourite PV restaurants.

Here's my recommendations:


Archie#s Wok # Francisca Rodriguez 130 between Avenue Olas Altas and the beach. Originally started by John Huston#s personal chef, Archie Alpenia and now run by Cindy, his wife and her daughter. Thai coconut fish, barbecue ribs Hoisin, spicy fried Thai noodles. Open Monday-Saturday 2-11PM. Moderate to expensive. Excellent!

Café de Olla** - try the seafood platter for two (about $25 U.S.) # excellent!! Had it two years ago. Basilio Badillo 168 a few doors uphill from the Olas Altas corner. Chicken, ribs and steak from the streetfront grill. Always a crowd but doesn#t take that long to get in and they will bring you a beer while you#re waiting. Open daily 8am-11pm. Budget to moderate # highly recommended.

The Red Cabbage # owned and operated by Lola Bravo, former manager of Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel # regional, authentic Mexican cuisine. It#s a bit out of the way but an excellent little spot - serves an original menu a la Diego Rivera/Frida Kahlo.

Restaurant Chez Elena** - located at Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel, Matamoros 520 up on the hill behind the cathedral. Go up for a drink just before sunset to El Nido, which is the rooftop bar. On the way up, ask Gloria Whiting, the owner/hostess to hold a table for you for dinner (she#s a late 60ish blond Californian # tell her Pat and John sent you # remind her that she took John for a ride in her Volkswagen on Super Bowl Sunday and she will immediately know who you are talking about. ) This is the hotel we stay at on the third floor corner room and the view is to die for. The restaurant is among the oldest in Puerto Vallarta and it#s a lovely spot # very warm and inviting with lots of neighbourhood atmosphere.

Pietro#s # right beside the cathedral # has great pizza and pasta and really good sangria. Very inexpensive but very good.

Café des Artistes # very romantic and expensive. Candlelit tables, tuxedoed servers, classical music, gourmet international cuisine # 740 Guadalupe Sanchez.

Also recommended # take a whale watching tour if you can. We went on a privately arranged one two years ago and really got close to the whales and were followed by dolphins. They also have a wonderful home tour that you can take # I think it#s $20 U.S. and the money they make goes to provide cleft palate operations for poor children. Last but not least, take one of the little boats from the main pier at Los Muertos Beach over to Yelapa for the day # it#s a kind of hippie place where a lot of draft dodgers went years ago and really laid back. You can get a fresh fish lunch on the beach for about $5 US.

See this website from the Saturday Toronto Star also:

Great story on P.V.'s recovery after the massive storm late last year.

Pat (in snowy and blowy southern Ontario wishing she was coming with you!)