Subject: Re: Two weeks in Spain in June
Michele I agree w/ Mark. Spain is a huge, wonderful country and Mark's preference for getting into the rhythms of each country is, in my opinion, right on target. We spent 10 days in Madrid and it's environs once, loving lounging over coffee at lunch - taking too much time to revisit favorite paintings in their museums - eating too late for Americans but loving every minute of it - including Cava Sangria, and generally just relaxing while we toured and poked around.

On another trip we spent two weeks in the Alpujarra (below and a bit east of Granada) -- the last stronghold of the Moors and we've spent countless days in Cerdayna and the Spanish Pyrenees. Barcelona is a special place for us (as I'm sure it is with many Ziners) and whenever we go, we plan atleast a week. We just can't seem to get enough of it.

You might consider trying to stick to one area, and after really examining the region or city with it's sights and smells. If you decide and want to see the countryside from there, just rent a car and drive about an hour in any direction! From Madrid, you can go north to Segovia and Toledo or west to Cacares and Trujuillo (Cacares is a county capitol - (if I remember correctly) and has a marvelous provencial museum with Roman baths below!) Trujuillo is the home of many explorers. Anyway, there is just so much to see and do and the people are fabulous. Whatever you decide you will have fun. I do believe, though, that too much driving and craming in sights will just make you tired and irritable. Enjoy your planning. Susie Newton, MA

We adore the tapas bars and one can eat perfectly well there without even choosing to dine in a restaurant! It's loads of fun!