Subject: Re: Help with Italy trip plan

A six week trip totally without seams is probably not possible . We leased a car through Renault when we were in Italy in October, and were very pleased with it. Although Callie is correct that the airport is the opposite direction from which you would normally travel to go from Rome to Assisi, it is not so terribly out of the way that I would give up the lease. From the airport, you just get right back on the autostrada and follow the signs. If you do not have the Touring Club Italiano maps, get them. They are absolutely the best maps available. I have them in three book forms for North, South, and Central Italy. Central will cover every place you are going except Milano.

The places you are using as your bases are good central locations for the towns you mentioned and many more side trips. It sounds as though you have planned it well. It is also true that many things are closed during the middle of the day hours. You just need to realize that things start later and end later in Italy. The lunch hour should be used for that. We found it best to do as the Italians do--eat your biggest meal at lunch, and have lighter meals in the evening. That way you can be a tourist until later in the day. It is very easy to do this when you are staying in an apartment or house because you can provision the house and just have a light meal, and, if you are wine drinkers as we were, a glass of wine or two at home when you return.

Have a great trip.

Lisa in Chicago