Subject: Re: Cuba
Hi Frances and Gretchen

We're beginning to get some idea of how things will work but a couple of more questions, please.

Frances, you mentioned purchasing Tourist Dollars. Where would we get these?

I suppose tipping would be at similar levels to North America,15% or so on average.

Did you find that Visa was accepted at all? We're thinking of any tours we might purchase and which could be quite expensive and we're a bit concerned about taking lots of cash. I realise a Visa from the States would be a problem but perhaps a Canadian card would be OK.

Gretchen, thanks for giving us an idea of food costs, we'll have to budget a bit more, I think! Did you use cash always to pay for meals? We were happy to hear that the food at the Nacional pleased some of your group, as breakfast is included there for us. Did any of your group stay at the Nacional.?

We're really looking forward to this trip. But it's interesting to us that even though we've travelled quite a bit in Europe and North America, planning this seems very different and we feel like absolute novices.

Thanks for your help Judy, Abbotsford BC Canada