Subject: Re: Cuba
Hi Judy,

I am guessing that Tourist Dollars would be USD as that is the currency used in Cuba for Tourists. If that is so, I am not sure of the exchage rate as we had USD. We did receive some pesos in change once, but paid for everything in dollars. It was important for us to have a lot of one dollar and small bills so we would not get a lot of pesos in change.

No one stayed at the Nacional as we had other arrangements. We did visit the Parque Central Hotel to usse the Internet and it looked beautiful. That was after we had our awful lunch at the Ingleterra and I looked to see if people were eating at the Parque Central--saw some full plates just sitting there......

BTW, there is good Internet at the Post Office.

CCs--one from Canada should be accepted and a Canadian sponsored telephone card should work as well. For our needs, we used cash everywhere. Did not buy much, though, other than food.