Subject: re: last adult vacation!
Hi Kim,


I can't speak about Miami but I highly recommend a trip down to the Yucatan. You mentioned Cancun but I'd suggest it just as a point of entry and exit to the Mayan Riviera-that part of the Yucatan Peninsula (Mexican state of Quintana Roo) stretching along the Caribbean coast south of Cancun. The weather in April/May is in the crux of the dry and wet seasons. Average precipitation in April 6.8 inches; in May 8.2 inches. Generally these rains come in the late afternoon as showers for an hour or so. Hurricane season doesn't get going until September. Average temperature is 80 F. All of these averages were taken at the island of Cozumel, southeast of Cancun.

The Mayan Riviera includes beautiful coral reefs, azure warm waters, incredibly soft sand, mysterious Mayan ruins, plenty of resort options, and delicious food. Plus, a great location to scout out future locations for the family trips just around the corner.

John in San Diego