Subject: Egypt Books
Hello to all and Happy New Year!

I too am thirsting for new travel related reading after all the discussions on Ireland Books and so I am looking for recommendations for Egypt Books.

I may buy one or two depending on what each has to offer :) I've browsed through the wonderful TourEgypt web site but have not found a listing that appeals.

I would like something fairly broad in the regions of Egypt that it covers as I'd love to learn more about the country.

I'm not primarily interested in a coffee table picture book, but I would definitely like lovely pictures of all the wonderful icons of Egypt so I can remember them and recognise them on sight.

I would also like to be able to read about the history (ancient and modern) so as to make the bricks and mortar and sand and camels come alive :)

And if the book(s) happen to also talk about the Ancient Egyptian way of life, the Gods, the beliefs, and then the modern as well with all the touristy information of wares and cruises and temples etc then I may have achieved the impossible :)

Can't wait for your recommendations and suggestions. :) Megan Brisbane, Australia