Subject: Re: Best area in Rome for newbies?
Hi Sheila

I'm not certain which area in Rome is the best in which to stay. However, we did stay for about one week at a place run by the Beehive in the Termini area. It worked out well for us though the multi ethnic area seemed a little shady at times. There were alot of little shops run by immigrants in the area and alot of traffic to the local (daily, I believe) market which was close by. The building in which we stayed was a multiple story apt building to which there was a front door key at the street level. On one occasion, a man tied to come in when we had opened the door. (He may have lived there, but we weren't certain and, therefore, were a little uncomfortable.) The room which we had was on the 4th or 5th floor and within a flat which had 2 or 3 other bedrooms, a mutual bath and a kitchen. Our room had a glass pane in the window, so I was glad I had brought along dark plastic trash bags and duct tape to occlude the hall light,etc. Others staying there were in and out as we were, so there was no problem in using the bath, etc. I would wave every evening to the lady across the street on our level who would hang out of the window for an evening cigarette and watch the street action. On one occasion we ate dinner nearby in an outside cafe. We felt the establishment had purposely given us a menu with the prices not clearly marked but looking much cheaper thatn we eventually were charged. We learned our lesson and will, in the future, ask for a clear menu and listing of prices before we order.

On the same trip, we stayed at the Hotel Lancelot in the area of the colluseum on Capo d' Africa. This was a very comfortable hotel with a security gate surrounding it as well as a parking lot. The hotel was very clean, friendly and cozy. The breakfast buffet was great. We found good and reasonable restaurants and a gelato parlor nearby. The cost was about double that of the Beehive, but probably fair. The area was somewhat touristy yet more Italian than cosmopolitan. We liked it. You can probably find it on the internet, if you are interested.

I hope this helps. If you have further questions, please ask and I'll be happy to answer as best as I am able.

Best Regards, Kathy in Lake Forest, ca