Subject: Bank Card Fraud
Hi Ziners,

Sorry for posting this so late but last week there was a conversation about Credit Card Problems. I would like to mention something that happened to me a couple of years ago. I used my bank card in a Bank Machine in France. I typed in the PIN number and the machine ate the card. I was advised conviently by some people that were around the Area to come back the next day and retrieve it when the bank was open. I figured that sounded like a good idea as who could get it out of the bank machine? The next day I went to the bank and they did not have it! Naturally I cancelled it and requested a replacement. To my surprise my next statement showed quite a large some withdrawn out of my account from that afternoon until I cancelled the card the next day. Luckly after several months I managed to get it straightened out and did not loose any money but I would like give a couple of tips.

1. If possible use your bankcard when the bank is open so you can get it back right away.

2. If it does get lost in the machine cancel it immediately. (It is better to be safe than sorry)

Tom, London, Canada