Subject: re: Two weeks in Spain in June
Hi Michele

After reading other comments regarding the suggested schedule for your trip to Spain, I thought I would add a different slant.

We visited Spain in September 2000 and still think of it as one of our best trips. Because it was our first visit, we crammed in as much as possible and we have no regrets. We had the opportunity to see a tremendous amount of this lovely country, although certainly on a superficial level at best. This is usually the way we visit a country for the first time - a quick overview and a return to places that have touched us in some way.

Our itinerary included 3 nights in Barcelona followed by a quick early morning flight to Madrid where we picked up our car at the airport and drove to Toledo for 1 night. The next morning we drove through Don Quixote country en route to Granada where we stayed for 2 nights. Our next stop was the coast where we spend 2 nights north of Marbella and, after an interesting ferry ride, had the experience of our life for 1 night in Tangier, Morocco. We picked up our car which we left in an overnight parking garage while in Morocco, and drove to Ronda for 1 night. The next morning we drove the white town route (pueblo blanco) and continued through sherry country to Sevilla for 2 nights. Our last drive (through ugly flat land) was to Cordoba where we spent our last night in Andalusia before returning our car. We took a comfortable train to Madrid and enjoyed 3 wonderful nights before returning home to Toronto.

I know this sounds exhausting but we had a wonderful time and came home delighted with every aspect and the desire to return. Staying in so many different places is not our usual mode of travel - we generally rent a villa or apartment where we will spend at least 1 week in the same location. But we tried something different in Spain and it worked for us. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this type of travel as long as you realize that it will simply just give you a taste.

I did a long piece on some recommendations in Spain and hopefully one of our excellent moderators will be able to find it and give you the message number and how to access it. It was done on April 7, 2002 and details many wonderful experiences and suggestions. I also highly recommend the Paradors for accommodations while in Spain.

If I can be of any further help, let me know.

Have a wonderful time.

Felice Toronto, Ontario

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