Subject: Re: Digital photography
Hi Ziners

I'm going to have to side with the digital sceptics too. I have a very nice Canon SLR that i can change lenses on and a small compact point and shoot, both film cameras. One reason i haven't gone digital is that i have an old computer and it has no USB ports. Another is that i take so many photos that having them on a digital camera and then getting the ones i want printed is going to cost me as much as normal film developing, or more since you can usually get pretty good deals. Even printing them myself is wear and tear on the printer and using up the ink and glossy paper. I also travel with a friend sometimes and we get our films done with double prints and share them so that means another set of digital photos printed. I have a scanner and can scan just the ones i want to email or post to my albums.

Some say, well what about the fact that you can delete the bad ones without wasting film? Well, i don't usually lose too many photos to out of focus or bad lighting anyway. also, i don't find it's convenient to sit in front of the computer to look through hundreds of photos from a trip. I like my hard copy photo albums, one (or two or three) per trip.

Digital would be fine for quick shots, every day stuff that you might want to email or post on the web, photos that won't matter if the computer or the disk corrupts. I think film will be around for awhile yet and i think i'll probably stick with it, especially for travel. I might get a digital someday but it won't be for primary use i don't think. As others have said, you have to go with what's right for you.

Diane Johnston Halifax, Nova Scotia