Subject: Re: New Moderator Intro
Hello, Ziners:

I am pleased to be included in the new group of Moderators for the Travelzine.

As is the case with most of us Ziners, I got bitten by the travel bug before I could get an immunization. As a child, I dreamed over dog-eared copies of National Geographic & read Richard Halliburton's travel narratives. Besides attending the University of Oregon, I studied at Guadalajara University in Mexico & University of Grenoble in France & taught French & Spanish for 10 years in a junior high school. Shudder. But a flare-up of travel fever drove me to a new career as a travel agent & before long, travel agency owner. Many of my 18 employees were with me for more than 20 years, but in September, after 29 years in the biz, I sold my company & am consulting at the new agency part time. Part time! No more 60-hour weeks! And it means more time to travel!

I'm a relatively fearless traveler, prefer outdoor activities, hiking, hostel accommodations & off-beat pursuits. In this hemisphere, I've wandered from Nome to Puerto Montt, but not on the same trip. On the other side of the map, my routes have gone from Orkney to Hong Kong, but there are lots of blanks in between I've yet to fill in. As the Precious Children (my 3 grandchildren) grow older, I plan to drag them around the world too. Kylie, the oldest at 5 years, has been to Australia 7 times already, as my son & I own a home in Cairns where we visit as often as possible. Of course, most people choose a vacation home within a few miles drive of their home, but I love the rain forest & diving the reef, so Cairns it is. I'll spend the month of February downunder, diving, hiking & visiting friends.

Sharing experiences with others on the Zine has added much to my travels, not the least of which are the friends in far-flung locales. Before the techno revolution which has made our group possible, it is unlikely most of us would ever have met one another. Ponder that one.

Gail In Eugene but never for long