Subject: Digital Photography
Over the years of travel, I have developed a very different philosophy of photography than most of the folks who have responded to the issue of digital vs film. I rarely take pictures of scenery, or of anything else, unless there is a person in the picture - either my husband, friends or an interesting local person. I'm not a pro and I don't want to be, so I buy postcards of things I want to remember like landscapes, cathedrals, castles, etc. These are usually much better than anything I could do and easy and cheap as well. Occasionally, I will buy a book of photographs if I am really awed by a place. I find my fondest memories are not of the buildings or scenery, but of the people and interactions. All those pictures of churches and lakes and hills look the same two years later and just don't mean very much to me.

Consequently, I absolutely love my little digital camera. It's a Canon S110 that fits easily into my pocket. In the evening, I review the pictures of the day and delete the bad ones. When I get home, with my memory card of 230+ pictures, which is plenty for me, I enjoy looking at the people who made my trip so wonderful. I e-mail the pictures to family members, or anyone else who might be interested, put them on a CD and print out any that are really special. I've not had any problems with CD's or hard drives, so storing the pictures has not been an issue yet. Can't imagine that the CD would fall apart at the same time that the hard drive crashed, but you never know.

And for everyday use, the digital is great - pictures of the dogs, photos for insurance, all sorts of things.

Loving my digital camera,

Callie in New Orleans