Subject: Digital Photography
Hello Travelers:

The discussion regarding digital photography and storage has been interesting, but since our travel photos are important to us let me add a word of caution for those (like me) who like to store photos on CD-R's. A short while ago there were some news stories regarding delamination of CD-R's in 40+ speed CD drives. It appears that the main culprit is the use of paper labels applied to the CD after you have burned the files to it. The paper label may lack the uniformity of the CD itself and cause an imbalance while the CD is spinning. That may lead to its destruction. If you are inclined to store photos (or other files for that matter) on CD-R's, then mark the CD with a laundry pen and avoid self-applied labels. I tend to make several copies of the CD-R's.

Tom still sane after 10 consecutive days of snow in Carlisle.