Subject: re: The Amalfi Coast; Pompeii
Hello Etta, In January of last year, we did a drive on the Amalfi coast from Salerno to Amalfi. My husband likes to drive, the traffic was light, but it was grueling. It was not a fun drive for us. The parking in Amalfi was a chaotic nightmare and we ended up leaving town without stopping. That worked really well because we ended up going up to Ravello which was absolutely fabulous. We wandered about, bought pottery and limoncello, and had lunch in a restaurant overlooking the coast.

Pompeii, where my great grandfather was a tour guide, was wonderful. We ended up going in the back entrance so were pretty lost for a while in spite of the guide book we purchased before entering. We didn't see too many people who weren't lost. Everyone was checking out their books and no one book seemed more helpful than another. It is an overwhelming place and you may be tired before you have seen nearly enough. We ended up leaving by the main gate which was really quite a long way from where our car was parked. The main gate is crowded and full of very touristy carts and people selling things. It might well have turned us off if this had been where we entered.

Buon viaggio, Janet Riverview, FL