Subject: Re: The Amalfi Coast
Hi all.

Etta Anisef asked about a trip down the Amalfi Coast, which I heartily recommend (we will probably be doing it this Spring for the fourth time there and our 8th to Italy, the world situation permitting). The question is how to get there.

This has come up several times. I drive quite a bit from home to my office so I am biased against driving when I go to Italy. Recognizing that many quite logical and sane North Americans have driven in Italy and even Naples, and a few have even lived to tell about it, I would suggest leaving the car in Rome.

Take the train to either Naples or Sorrento for a base. Both are heavily touristed, but not nearly as much as Rome (I love Naples, but not everybody does). The Circumvesuviana train, which you can get at Napoli Centrale (the main station in Naples and which I recall also stops in Sorrento), will take you to Pompeii Scavi. As was noted, take that route, not the one to the modern town of Pompei, with one i. You can also get the intercity (SITA) bus to see the Amalfi Coast in Sorrento. We have taken it both part way to Positano or further to Amalfi and loved the trip.

Keep in mind that driving in Naples is rather insane, IHMO--green lights mean go and red lights mean go faster. I don't think the problem is as bad in Sorrento, but I suspect parking is not easy. While you are in the Naples/Sorrento area, you might also enjoy Ischia and, especially, Capri. Both are short boat rides away. It is a wonderful area.

You did not say where you are going in Tuscany. Driving is less hectic in the northern areas, but parking is also extremely difficult in Florence.

Ira H. Bernstein Dallas, Texas