Subject: New Moderator introduction

I am pleased to be one of the new moderators on TheTravelzine. I am a librarian at a busy public library branch in the centre of our multicultural city. I have grown up children in their twenties and travel used to be car camping trips across Canada (mostly eastern Canada) and the northeastern US. I have been to all provinces in Canada except Newfoundland, and that I would like to remedy!

Because my in-laws are British, we travel every few years to England as a combination family visit and holiday. On two occasions we rented houses from the National Trust and once we rented a narrowboat (houseboat) on the Shropshire Union canal. We enjoyed the industrial archaeology along with the canalside pubs. It was certainly different from our canoe camping trips in central Ontario!

When our children were older, we shared a European rail vacation with them. The itinerary was based on our collective whims and was wonderful! Accommodation included a few nights in youth hostels in Switzerland and in Bavaria. Our last trip together was an enjoyable spring break in Cuba.

A few years ago, we have explored Tuscany with my brother and sister-in-law, renting three apartments for a week each. Last year, we spent a week in the Benelux and three weeks in Paris. In March, we travel to Naples to see Pompei and all the other marvels of that area. Unfortunately it is a very short trip but we plan to make the most of it. We are thinking about a longer trip to the continent in early winter in combination with a family visit to England. If we can find an appropriate destination, it will be a walking trip.

My travel style is budget. I try to control costs before the trip by choosing budget accommodation but once I am there, I don#t worry too much about costs. I just relax and enjoy it. To do that, I find good planning is essential and the internet is invaluable for that. In addition to online bus schedules, restaurant listings, museum hours and market days, there are all those people who are so willing to share their experiences. Thank you!

Frances Toronto, Canada