Subject: re: County Clare

Looks like you are looking for what is generally referred to as the Shannon Region, which encompasses Counties Clare, Kerry, Limerick, Offlay and Tipperary. So I'm including a website for that area that you can browse.

I have been to Ireland twice in the past three years and Counties Kerry and Clare are my personal favorites. I don't recall you saying how long you would be there, but if you've got at least two weeks, you may want to consider staying on the Dingle Peninsula for a week and a week in Clare.

I stayed in Doolin for several days. It's small, but that's what I like. It has a few excellent restaurants and three pubs. The music was wonderful. Easy to walk around the village. The closest city would be Ennis, which has grocery stores and banks. There is a ferry right at Doolin that takes you to the Aaran Islands. Also, it's just a hop, skip and a jump to the Cliffs of Mohr. By the way, my great, great, great grandparents were Moores, which is another version of Mohr.

Also rented an apartment right at the harbor in Dingle. It was built in 2001 and the owner was very helpful and accommodating. If you are interested, let me know and I can look up the info on it.

As far as the weather, Ireland doesn't usually have any extreme hot and cold, but do plan on rain whenever you go. Especially in west and Southwest Ireland. If you have some specific questions, I would be happy to help, just let me know.

Debbie in NC