Subject: Re: San Francisco Travel
Dear Rob:

I lived in the Bay area (San Ramon) for 8 years and I can tell you that you would be making a mistake in staying outside of San Francisco. It is virtually impossible to get lost in San Francisco. I never looked at a map when I went in. I knew how to get to the pier area by simply following the signs and everywhere else was easy. You go too far and you are at the water. In fact, that was the fun of it - just exploring. China town, cable cars, what ever you like is easy to get too.

Staying outside of San Francisco and having to move through the traffic coming and going in and out of San Francisco, that would be the more difficult part but that too was never any real issue.

I may not be able to rest your mind on this but at least consider it because if I ever go back and visit that is where I would stay. I can think of no other area within one to two hours that would suit me better or be more exciting and visually stimulating.

>From San Francisco you could reach the wine country - say driving up to Calistoga and back. Just before Calistoga there is The Culinary Institute where the chefs in training will cook your meal for you - great food. You could go to Sea World which is not too far away. Don't miss Berkeley where all the Hippies are, still selling their tie-died shirts and such. You will have a great time.


Mike and Fran