Subject: Teaching English

Just got back from a snowy trip to Paris/London. The Paris blizzard was called remarkable in the press. The London snow was the first substantial snow in 12 years. Just my luck. The good part was the complete lack of the day crowd at Euro Disney. The bad was the apparent lack of snow removal equipment at deGaulle airport. The runways were still slippery 24 hours after the snow stopped (when I tried to get to London -- blazing sun only enjoyed through the airport glass), and the baggage handling trucks were frozen to the tarmac). The joys of travel......

Concerning teaching English, there are many such jobs in Japan, and many companies that will hire part time. Some students even take their lesson over the phone. Also, wherever Japanese corporations are located (I live in Singapore and there are several here) there is English teaching, provided as a benefit to corporate executives. In Singapore a company I have worked through (Business English Consulting) handles the local pay issues and corporate contacts, and they pay approx $30 per half hour.

regards. RGM