Subject: Re: visiting Las Vegas

I would definitely not stay in the Fremont Street area if there was an opportunity to stay on the Strip. Fremont is not easy walking distance to the Strip, so you're either taking a cab or driving to see shows, eat, walk around. (Even if you were ambitious enough to walk, the area in between is a little dicey at night, though it's fine during the day.) LV is trying very hard to make Fremont attractive (e.g., light shows, street entertainment), but it's still a poor relation, and the casinos don't compare to the ones a couple miles down the road.

In general, hotels are significantly cheaper on Sunday-Thursday nights. I've found good deals on http:\\ There are also more typical chain hotels (Marriott) on the street that's parallel to LV Blvd, about mile to the east (sorry, can't remember the name), but I've never stayed there.

Public areas can be smoky, but hotels do have non-smoking rooms.

Carol Boulder CO