Subject: Re: First Trip to Europe Planning! (Long)
Hi Jennie,

Your advance planning will pay great dividends. Here's the web site that's best for train timetables, especially from one country to another. Have fun with it - you'll find many options to consider.

Within Switzerland, you'd want the Swiss Federal Railways site although there are private trains as well. Gretchen is an expert on the Berner Oberland - let's hope she weighs in on the subject.

A possible overnight stop (for your extra day) between Paris and Interlaken (on your way to Muerren) would be Bern. We were there again recently so you might find our travelogues helpful for where to stay, eat, etc. Beware, though, Switzerland is frightfully expensive! bottom of page, there's a link to our previous visit as well.

This trip will be a hard act to follow - you're going to some of the most beautiful places on the continent.

Regards, Don and Linda