Subject: BA Free Nights and any info the Gresham?
Hi All,

It did not even occur to me that the offer was not available in Canada - I apologize! We are going next weekend, so had no trouble in getting the free nights (we added an additional one). I would imagine that there would be less availability later on. You are right that you can't check hotel availability until after you book your flights :( . It didn't affect us, but I could see how that would create a problem. Even though you save $10/ticket doing it online, I agree that in this case it's better to deal with a person on the phone to make sure there is space available before you commit to a flight.

Re hotels, there are only a few hotels offered (8 or 9, I think) of varying degrees. We chose the Gresham Hyde Park - does anyone have any info on this property? It seemed like the best of the bunch, but I'm concerned about the area (Lancaster Gate)(I'm not familiar with most neighborhoods).

We used one of the online ticket brokers to get theater tickets for shows on both friday and saturday nights (hope we made the right decision and that the tickets will actually be there!).

wish me luck! Vanessa Cutchogue, NY