Subject: Re: First Trip to Europe and Switzerland
Hi Jennie,

In response to your questions about the Switzerland portion of your great trip for later this spring, here are some comments that cover that area.

We have been to Muerren and Wengen, as well as many other places in Switzerland a number of times. I feel like I #know# those two areas quite well#however, we have not been back since 1998.

The Berner Oberland area just opens up the first of June after having been closed down, so to speak, after ski season ends. You will probably find nothing much open in Muerren at that time of the year, much less places to eat and sleep. (Muerren is not very large and there are few stores and nearly all places to eat are connected to hotels) Maybe the biggest hotel #maybe- check on that one before you leave, will be open. We liked the Alpina, a reasonably priced hotel, but do check on its season. Also check on the train and lift schedules#in the off season (for them) they have reduced schedules and it takes twice as long to get anywhere.

Jungfrau#we did that once and there are other places, in our opinion, that outshine that long, long day. As I remember it, there was no place for individuals to ski there as the area at the top was roped off to prevent one from sliding over the precipices.

We love going up to the Schilthorn, right there out of Muerren. We usually go there at least twice each trip. Some people hike there, going part way or all the way up. There is an intermediate stop for getting on or off the gondola.

We have been to Murren and Wengen in June twice and found fog, fog, fog, and rain, rain, rain. We will never go again except in mid-July to the first week in September.

Now, other places in Switzerland with less altitude should be nice. We have flown out of Zurich and Geneva. We prefer Zurich as it usually has a direct flight to the states.
>From Geneva we had to change planes in Paris. This is one thing to consider in these days of airline woes. As for which city in which I would love to spend a few days before the flight#it would be Geneva. However, take into consideration that we do not particularly love huge cities.

If you have more questions, please feel free to ask.

Check out this website for a lot of information:

Gretchen, SC